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Total Credit Hours - 60 Credit Hours

Program Length - 2-2 1/2 years.

The Associate of Arts Degree in Business Administration program provides students with the foundational skill sets for the business environment.  Students will be exposed to core courses inclusive of foundational accounting principles and finance. Special attention is given to the business arena and small business management.  Students will also be exposed to management models, human resources management models and marketing concepts. Apart from qualifying for employment, graduates would have solidified the lower-level foundation for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration. The program can be successfully completed in 2-2 1 /2 years.  Graduates of the program would have achieved the necessary competencies to take on entry level positions within the private and public sectors as cost estimators, sales managers, office managers and marketing support staff.

Associate of Arts Degree in Business Administration

Programme Outline

1st Year Term 1

ACC 111Accounting Principles I3 Credit Hours

BUS 121Introduction to Business3 Credit Hours

ENG 111College English I3 Credit Hours

1st Year Term 2

ACC 112Accounting Principles II3 Credit Hours

BUS 123Principles of Management3 Credit Hours

ENG 112College English II3 Credit Hours

1st Year Term 3

CIS 121Introduction to Data Processing3 Credit Hours

SPA 111Elementary Spanish I3 Credit Hours

SCI 113Introduction to Biology3 Credit Hours

2nd Year Term 1

FIN 112Principles of Finance3 Credit Hours

MKT 211Principles of Marketing3 Credit Hours

SPA 112Elementary Spanish II3 Credit Hours

2nd Year Term 2

ECO 111Principles of Economics I3 Credit Hours

HRM 223Human Resources Management3 Credit Hours

HUM 221Western Civilization I3 Credit Hours

2nd Year Term 3

BUS 211Small Business Management3 Credit Hours

MAT 221College Mathematics3 Credit Hours

HUM 222Western Civilization II3 Credit Hours

3rd Year Term 1

MAT 232College Algebra3 Credit Hours

PSY 211General Psychology3 Credit Hours

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