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Program Department - Accounting   (ACC)

Total Credit Hours - 120 Credit Hours

Program Length - 4-5 Years

The Accounting environment has been revered for decades as a rigid arena, often dodged by many.  There is no more need for dodging. The opportunities of globalization have brought about sweeping changes in regulatory environments.  These changes have brought along with them an increasing demand for accountants who possess the competence to detect, analyze and simplify the complexities of the business environment.  The Accounting Program provides a cadre of skills that are necessary for maximizing efficiencies in the workplace. Students will be exposed to the methodology and practice of financial reporting/analysis, managerial accounting, cost accounting/management, taxation accounting, accounting ethics and overall financial management.  The Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting, provides the base for the pursuit of professional certifications inclusive of CPA, CMA and CIA. Students will be engaged interactively as they incorporate the use of software packages to be used for spreadsheets and flowcharting. Students will also participate in simulation processes and participate collaboratively to form audit teams.  Through these processes the students will come to understand and appreciate the nature and value of financial statements, investigation of samples, adjustments to statements, and providing comprehensive reports of the findings of the audit. Following the classroom simulations, students would gain an opportunity to demonstrate their skills, through internships in the business arena of the both the private and public sectors.  The program can be completed in 4-5 years. Graduates of this distinguished program are well sought after and find early placement in the job market.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting

Programme Outline

3rd Year Term 2

ACC 312Advanced Accounting I3 Credit Hours

BUS 322Productions Management3 Credit Hours

CIS 311Management Information Systems3 Credit Hours

3rd Year Term 3

ACC 313Advanced Accounting II3 Credit Hours

BUS 332Organizational Behavior3 Credit Hours

ENG 311Business Communications3 Credit Hours

4th Year Term 1

ACC 411Principles of Auditing3 Credit Hours

CIS 321Computer Business Processing3 Credit Hours

ENG 331Public and Professional Speaking3 Credit Hours

4th Year Term 2

BUS 351Business Research Methods3 Credit Hours

MAT 311Business Statistics3 Credit Hours

HUM 331Professional Ethics3 Credit Hours

4th Year Term 3

ACC 421Individual Income Taxes3 Credit Hours

ECO 334Managerial Economics3 Credit Hours

SOC 331Marriage and Family3 Credit Hours

5th Year Term 1

ACC 431Accounting Internship3 Credit Hours

BUS 411International Business Management3 Credit Hours

FIN 411Corporate Finance3 Credit Hours

5th Year Term 2

Elective300+ Accounting Elective3 Credit Hours

Elective300+ Open Elective3 Credit Hours

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