Galilee College operates as a private school in the Bahamas to anticipate and respond to the educational needs of the Bahamas, ensuring that all individuals have life-long opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills, and values. The College offers programs and courses of instruction through the Bachelor degree level. Galilee College fulfills its mission by

  • delivering college level technical education, college/university transfer education, general education, developmental education, continuing education, and workforce training.

  • providing a comprehensive program of services to students and the community.

  • utilizing a broad range of instructional methods, facilities, support services, and access options, including on-line facilities, to accommodate students of varied backgrounds, interests, and situations.

  • developing economic, cultural, and educational partnerships with its community and with other institutions throughout the Bahamas and beyond.

  • establishing an intellectual environment and organizational culture that encourage and support exemplary achievement.


Galilee College seeks to be a college of choice through providing a high standard of learning which will cause the revolution of students as they achieve their desire in a timely, professional and environmental conductive atmosphere.


I take a tremendous degree of pride to welcome you to Galilee College, located in Nassau, Bahamas.  Galilee College has a rich history that stems back to 1984 when we first started the institution in very humble beginnings.  Since then, we have grown by significant measure and is recognized for our commitment and devotion to providing totally quality education.  In fact, our approval and registration with the Bahamas Ministry of Education depicts the quality that surrounds our great institution.  The Galilee family is indeed grateful for the support given us by the Bahamian people over the years and we look forward to doing great educational exploits.


Galilee College is dedicated to a strong sense of educational philosophy that is indeed, second to none.  This is noted as we primarily position ourselves to provide a learning and living environment dedicated to the cultivation of liberally educated persons. Such individuals are at home in the world of ideas, are prepared for intelligent and responsible participation in the contemporary world, and are enriched by new interests and activities.


Galilee's major programs provide students with a thorough knowledge of their chosen fields and prepare them for advanced studies, or for employment in numerous career fields. To harmonize our academic objectives, Galilee College fosters the spiritual, physical and social development of its students through a variety of programs.


We look forward to serving our students in the best way that we know, and embrace them into our halls designed for academic achievements.  Our efforts have been enhanced so that our students can accomplish goals and reflect how “Today’s Education is Tomorrow’s Gratifications.”




Rev. Dr. Willis L. Johnson, Ph.D.,

Chartered Accountant